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  • Do you Offer a Rebuilding Service?
    Most people would say, "Just add a kit to the Carburetor and Call it a Day..." A Carburetor Rebuilding and or Remanufacturing is More Technique than Adding a Few Gaskets to a Piece of Metal. We Can Accomadate this Service by Sending in your carburetor to: Carburetor Center ATTN DAN 3207 Peck Road EL Monte, California 91731 Our Process is as Follows: 1. Disassembly 2. Ultra-Sonic Cleaning 3. Anti-Rust "Dichromate" Finish** 4. *New Accelerator Pump w/Cup 5. *New Float 6. *New Airhorn Gasket 7. *New Main Body Gasket 8. *New Throttle Body Gasket 9. *New Cluster Gasket 10.*New Springs 11.*New "O" Rings 12.*New Seals 13.*New Check Ball(s) 14. New Throttle Shaft Bushings Installed 15.*New Flange "Mounting" Gasket **Zinc Castings Only. *Ethanol Resistant Parts.
  • What Do You Check for In Your Live Engine Test?
    Live Engine Testing is Very Crucial to Perfect Carburetor Air Fuel Ratio. Carburetors are Inspected and Checked on All Six Major Carburetor Circuits. ​ Idle Circuit: The Idle Circuit is inspected and checked for proper RPM Stability. Most People tend to Raise the Idle and Cause an Engine to Race and Avoid the Engine from Shutting Off, but Keeping the Engine at a Racing RPM is very Harmful to the Engine, engine oil, and spark plugs. ​ Main Metering Circuit: The Main Metering Circuit is Inspected and Checked for Proper Cruise Operation. Usually people tell me it runs Fine at Cruise, but Most of the Time it Runs fine due to Excess Fuel. Excess Fuel is Always very Detrimental to a Combustion Engine. ​ Pump Circuit: The Pump Circuit is inspected and checked for Proper Acceleration. If a carburetor falls on its face at Acceleration its Usually Due to a Faulty Pump Circuit. ​ Choke Circuit: The Choke Circuit is very important for Cold Start Operation. Fast idle must Raise Engine RPM to Achieve Normal Operating Temperature as Soon as Possible. If Fast Idle Does Not Release and Continues in High Idle this will cause engine to Run Rich for Long Periods of Time which is Never Good. ​ Power Circuit: The Power Circuit is Inspected when a Load is Placed on Engine and Maximum RPM is Achieved While Maintaining Proper Air/Fuel Ratio. The Power Circuit takes over when the Power Demand is Greatest on the Engine. Normally Lack of Power is Due to a Faulty Power Circuit. ​ Float Circuit: The Float Circuit is Inspected and Checked for Proper Air/Fuel Ratio. 14.7 Part Air and 1 Part Fuel. That is Perfect Combustion. That is what We Attempt to Achieve Every Time a Carburetor is Run on our Live Engines.
  • What Type of Shipping Carrier Do You Use?
    We prefer U.S. Post Office, but We will Ship UPS if That is the Request. Normally we prefer to Ship in Large Flat Rate Boxes becuase that Gives us Enough Room to Bubble Wrap the Carburetor and Left Over Room to Add Filler Peanuts to Avoid any Type of Damage. However, if the Carburetor Tends Not to Fit into a Large Flat-Rate then Priority Mail is an option and or UPS. Depending on Where You Live We Would be More than Happy to Give you an Estimate for Shipping, but it Usually cost $20.00-$25.00 to the East Coast.
  • Can I Text or Email You a Photo of My Carburetor?
    Absolutely! We Live in the Age of Technology, Lets take Advantage of it! Email Address If You Would Like to Send Photos via Email, Use SmartPhone If You Would Like to Send Photos via Smart Phone Device (Text Only), Use 626-627-8095 For More Information, Call 626-448-8907, Ask for Dan
  • Do You Use Ethanoal Resistant Parts?
    Yes! Our Parts Supplier is Walker Products. The Nice Thing About Walker Products is that All their Parts are Ethanoal Resistant and All Their Parts are Made in the USA which is Always a Hugh Plus.
  • How Long Does it Take for a Carburetor to Ship?
    A Carburetor will Take 1-8 Days to Leave Our Factory via UPS or USPS. Depending On Your Location it Can Take 1-14 Days to Get to Your Destination.
  • Do You Provide a Tracking Number with Order?
    Yes! Tracking Numbers are Sent via Email when Carburetors Ship. If You Do not Have an Email You can Request that We Call You When a Tracking Number has been Generated.
  • How Long is the Warranty?
    Carburetors Carry a 6 Month Warranty or a 180 Days Warranty, Which Ever Comes First.
  • I am Looking for an Exact OEM Number, Can You Help Me?"
    We Do have quite a Few Carburetors in Stock, if you are Looking for an Exact OE Number Give us a Call or Shoot us an Email and We Will Notify You within 72 Hours.
  • I Don't See My Carburetor on Your Site, Does this Mean You Don't have it?"
    We Have Tons of Carburetors in Stock and Ready to Ship, Websites can Be Very Time Consuming and We are Always Continuously Updating and Adding Products. Give Us a Call and Give Us an Opportunity to Earn Your Business.
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