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What Has Been Done to This Carburetor?
1. Disassembly
2. Ultra-Sonic Cleaning
3. Anti-Rust "Dichromate" Finish**
4. *New Accelerator Pump
5. *New Float
6. *New Airhorn Gasket
7. *New Main Body Gasket
8. *New Throttle Body Gasket
9. *New Cluster Gasket
10. *New Springs
11. *New "O" Rings
12. *New Seals
13. *New Check Ball(s)
14. New Bushings in Throttle Shaft
15. *New Flange Gasket

​**Dichromate on Zinc Casting Only
*Ethanol Resistant Parts.

What Does Live Engine Testing Involve?

RPM Pre-Set: We want to Make Sure The Carburetor Curb idle is Pre-Set, Not to Low and Not to High, A Low Curb Idle Setting will Leave the Engine Running Rough Causing a Poor Running Engine, However a High Idle will Leave the Engine Racing Causing a Rich Running Condition.  We Can Promise You the Curb Idle will be Set for a Plug-N-Play Setup.

Fast Idle Pre-Set: I can't Emphasize this Enough, Fast Idle or Idle at Cold Start has to be One of the More Important Adjustments on the Carburetor.  Everyone Has Started an Engine in the Morning, Idle Goes High, then Drops Down into Normal Operating Temperature.  However if the Fast Idle is Not Set Properly then the Fast Idle will not Drop or will Take Longer to Drop.  When We Pre-Set this Adjustment on Carburetor We Make Sure the Choke is Opening the Choke Valve Normally and Make all the Necessary Adjustments on Our Live Engine to leave the Carburetor Ready to Go.

Mixture idle Screws Pre-Set: Fuel Economy, Fuel Economy, Fuel Economy, That is Why We Pre-Set this Adjustment.  We Always want to Set the Carburetor to Run Clean, a Clean Running Engine is always a Better and Efficient Engine.  Air/Fuel Ratio is Crucial to a Good Running Carburetor.  If you Order a Carburetor from Us, I can Guarantee You the Carburetor Will  Run Smooth, Clean, and Have the Power there When You Need it!

1964—1970 International Holley 2300 Type Carburetor *Remanufactured

SKU: 16-005N
Out of Stock
  • All These Part Numbers Interchange Into Our Part No. 16-005N

    Holley 1710

    Holley 1711
    Holley 2582

    Holley 2583
    Holley 2976

    Holley 2977
    Holley 2978

    Holley 3551
    Holley 3552

    Holley 3855
    Holley 3863

    Holley 3865
    Holley 3868

    Holley 3991
    Holley 4079

    Holley 4574
    Holley 4594

    Holley 4596
    Holley 1836

    Holley 3870
    Holley 3872

    Holley 4081
    Holley 4083

    Holley 4306
    Holley 4308

    Holley 4309
    Holley 6206

    Holley 6369
    Holley 6379

    Holley 6391

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