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What Has Been Done to This Carburetor?
1. Disassembly and assembly
2. Ultra-sonic cleaning
3. New fuel pressure regulator
4. New O-rings
5. New seals
6. New injectors
7. New throttle position sensor (TPS)
8. New idle air control valve (IAC)
9. New Flange Gasket

Please note: We utilize ethanol-resistant parts and apply heavy-duty brass bushing to the throttle body to dimmish vacuum leaks.

What Does Live Engine Testing Involve?


We verify the proper functioning of the IAC and TPS by conducting voltage readings. Additionally, we ensure that the air and fuel flow meets factory specifications through careful measurement.


For more questions or concerns, call us at 626-448-4397 and ask for Daniel.


Parts interchange list, 17091045, 17091046, 17091047, 17093049, 17093050, 17093051.  These part numbers will interchange into our part number 21-210N.

1991-1993 Chevrolet Truck Rochester 454 TBI Carburetor

SKU: 21-210N
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